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2006 Lamborghini Miura Concept
By James Riswick

Click for detail photo. Lamborghini is a company legendary for creating adventurous designs that are similar to nothing on else on the road. Names like Miura, Countach, Espada, Diablo and Murciélago evoke images of exotic shapes and wild driving thrills. Every new adventurous model becomes the stuff of dreams for boys and men alike, popping up on walls and desktops from Montana to Modena.

So the news of a new Lamborghini model is always a cause for celebration and anticipation. Problem is, the newest model is not following in its progressive forbearers’ footsteps. In fact, it’s just a reincarnation of one of those forbearers – the Lamborghini Miura. Like the Ford GT, the new Miura concept is practically indistinguishable from its namesake made from 1966 to 1973. Featured is the same long front end with round headlights, exaggerated fenders, slatted rear window and even the famous lime green paint.

Unlike the original Miura, however, odds are that this one won’t catch on fire so frequently. The ‘60s version is infamous for having a rather serious carburetor problem that caused the engine to catch fire when idling. It was also infamous for having ponderous handling caused by its rear drive, rear-mounted V12 engine and feather-light front end.

Needless to say, a modern Miura will have all of the visual punch of the original, but with the Audi-massaged civility and quality of today’s Gallardo and Murciélago. For the sake of cost, the platform will probably be shared with the all-wheel drive Gallardo, which will also make it easier to drive for those of us not named Andretti. The engine hasn’t been confirmed, but expect an upgraded version of the Murciélago’s V12 making around 650 horsepower and 515 lb-ft of torque. Unlike the original’s transversely mounted V12, the new one would have a more conventional longitudinal design and will be connected to a new seven-speed “e-gear” transmission currently in development.

All of this will surely add up to the wildest Lambo in the bullpen, making the crazy Murciélago seem tame. Problem is, it just doesn’t look the part. Sure it’s good looking, but this design was progressive and exotic in 1966. The retro thing works for Ford who clearly doesn’t have any new design ideas going for them. The GT and Mustang are nice, but what comes next? Moving backwards makes it very difficult to move forward. Ever wonder why VW hasn’t replaced the aging New Beetle yet? It’s because there’s really nowhere else to go.

Although it would no doubt be a modern technological masterpiece and have a considerable waiting list, this new Miura will look positively dowdy next to its exotic Gallardo and Murciélago brothers. Lamborghini is famous for pushing the envelope 148 yards past where it used to be and the Miura concept quite frankly betrays that tradition.

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Pictures of the Lamborghini Miura Concept
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Posted March 10, 2006
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