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Hot Import Nights Washington DC - 2006
By Nikki Williamson

April 22nd, 2006 - Dulles Expo Center, Virginia. All the girls at the Washington area’s Hot Import Nights show got wet; well, not just the girls, and not for the reason you’re thinking. It was pouring that evening outside of the Dulles Expo Center, but that didn’t stop countless import car fans from waiting outside in an unsheltered line to get inside.

There was a lot to see and do once inside the expo center and many companies and sponsors showed their support including Teckademics, ModifiedMag, Rockstar Energy Drink, Electronics Plus out of Manassas, Virginia, and DCSportBikes.com. The Teckademics crew had a booth there showing off a car or two from some of their videos. The Mischief series videos themselves were of course available for sale. Electronics Plus also had an area to show off their car audio work including the Mustang show-car. In addition to some great audio setups to show off, they also had the “Kicker Hair Chair”. Anyone with long hair would sit in this makeshift chair on the back of a very large Kicker sub, hold closed their ears, and let the bass show its power. Even if your hair was nice and neat, you’d definitely need to comb a few tangles out afterwards!

Besides the main attraction being cars, there was also the other big part of the import culture: import models. They were everywhere and always ready to pose and smile for the camera alone or with you. Dash Performance out of Manassas, Virginia introduced their spokes models for the 2006 season. The other big part of import culture that was stirred into the mix was break dancing. For a part of the show, most people were gathered around the stage to take in the break dance competition. It was full of energy and great to watch while taking a break from all the cars, models, and booths.

If a steady rainstorm can’t stop Hot Import Nights from being big, nothing can. Over 21,000 people were at the show and even the pre and after parties were huge. The night before and of the show, parties in DC clubs were plentiful. VIP lists were longer than usual, champagne was overflowing, music was blasting, photographers were promoting, and car lovers were having a great time. So the next time you have a chance to check out Hot Import Nights, definitely get ready for a great time, and if you’re partying hard, expect a hangover the next morning.

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Posted May 9, 2006

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